Catering Menu

Hors D’Oeurves

Antipasto Platters, Vol-au-vents, Various Dips with Crudites, Cocktail Quiches, Mini Spring Rolls, Tuna Boats, Cheese & Olive Tartlets,  Cucumber with Smoked Salmon Mousse
Price per head……$4.90 Choice of two, $5.50 Choice of three

Spit Roast

Hot Spit Roast Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken (choose any two*) served with roast potatoes, gravy and horseradish, mint or apple sauce. Rolls and butter or hot garlic bread.
Smorgasbord of fresh salads OR three hot vegetables.
Price per head…….$22.90


Deluxe Barbeque
Marinated Steak, Charcoal Riesling Chicken, Prawn Twisters, Lamb Loin Chops, Marinated Kangaroo, Sausages, a variety of sauces, bread, butter and a selection of salads.
Price per head……. $25.90

Traditional Barbeque

Chicken Satays, Porterhouse Steaks, Beef Sausages, a variety of sauces, bread, butter and a selection of salads.
Price per head……..$19.90

Aussie Barbeque

Marinated Steak, Charcoal Riesling Chicken, Sausages, a variety of sauces, bread, butter and a selection of salads.
Price per head……..$19.40

Yiros BBQ

Your guests are invited to wrap their own freshly cooked lamb and/or chicken in warm pita bread and garnish with tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and a selection of 6 sauces.  We encourage big eaters to come back for more.
Price per head…….. $17.00

Finger Foods

Our selection includes various Dips and Pates, Vol-au-vents, Cocktail Quiches, Mini Pizzas, Cocktail Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Mini Spring Rolls, Samosas, Devilled Wings, Chicken Chips, Prawn Twisters, Sandwiches and Platters of Cold Meats, other requests considered.
Price per head…….$22.90

Salads Choices

Potato, coleslaw, beetroot, garden with french or italian dressing, tomato and cucumber platter, fresh pineapple, mixed bean, watermelon, tabouli, curried or tropical rice, apple and celery, fresh mushroom, zucchini pasta.

Hot Vegetables Choices

Peas, whole baby carrots, whole baby green beans, cauliflower au gratin, baked pumpkin, zucchini with onion and tomato.
*Turkey or Honey Dijon Ham $2.00 per head extra. Table service available P.O.A.
Tea and coffee $1.00 per head extra and served with complimentary cheese and fresh fruit tray.

Beverage Selections

The Adelaide Christmas Tree Festival is happy to offer a casual bar experience in a unique setting with amazing prices

Hahn Premium Light                       $4                           JS 150 Lashes Pale Ale                    $6

West End Draught                            $5                           James Boag’s Premium                   $6

Hahn Super Dry                               $5                           Corona Extra                                    $7

Tooheys 5 Seeds Crisp Cider          $5                           JS Orchard Crush (500ml)              $8

Wine will have varied bottle and glass prices starting from $5 per glass or $20 per bottle. The spirit range includes all standard base spirits and mixers beginning at $5