How can I “own” a tree in the Festival?

Owning a tree in the Adelaide Christmas Tree Festival is extremely easy and rewarding.

Simply select the charity that you would like to raise money for, complete your application form, pay your entry fee and, you will become the proud owner of a 8’ Christmas Tree.

You (and your team) then need to plan you decorations. It is expected that you put every effort in to making your tree the most impressive following these simple directions.

Your tree MUST have:

  • 1 set of lights only (provided)
  • Tinsel
  • Hanging decorations
  • A crowning item for the top of the tree e.g. an angel or star
  • A wrap or other decorative feature for the bottom of the tree to over the stand

Your tree SHOULD be:

  • Themed to represent your business, organisation or the charity of your choice
  • Interesting and unique encouraging people to vote for it
  • Suitable for families and children

Your tree should NOT:

  • Contain any items or images that may be considered offensive
  • Be overtly commercial
  • Should not require excessive maintenance
  • Encourage or require people to touch it i.e. have discount vouchers hanging of it

The time for you to decorate your tree will be Friday the 30th November or Saturday the 1st of December between 10:00 am and 4:00pm. Once decorated your Christmas tree will be covered so that it is protected from the elements and kept safe for the big reveal on the opening day. The Adelaide Christmas Tree Festival will open at 3:00pm on Sunday with the official welcome happening at 8:00pm

You have one other commitment apart from decorating your tree and that is to attend the Adelaide Christmas Tree Festival on one of the nights to perform the duties of one of Santa’s Little Helpers. This means that you will help event staff with uncovering the trees, performing maintenance as needed, turning the lights on and greeting visitors to the festival.

During the festival your tree will be labelled with a sign that has the name of your group, business or organisation and the charity that votes for your tree goes toward. During the event attendees can exchange money for tokens, they can then use these tokens to vote for the tree they like the best. At the end of the event the money raised from each tree will be given to that charity, and the tree that raises the most money will be awarded the prize as the winner.

If you would like to ask more questions about becoming the owner of a tree just email